Today's Choice for Tomorrow's Future


Trella Mott

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone enjoyed their sizzling summer!  The new clothes, shoes, and school supplies are everywhere and creating excitement for incoming 6th graders; the 7th graders; and the 8th graders who are anxious about almost being in high school.  Doesn’t matter whether you are a student or a parent …. these are moments to cherish and always remember.  They go by fast.  These memories will be fun, awkward, amusing, tearful, and a whole host of other emotions.  Embrace them for they are life lessons and great knowledge will be gained from them.

Take a good look at your student today.  Take a picture and catalog it.  They will never look like this again.  Why, you ask?  The maturation rate at this age is fast, unpredictable, and they will be a different kid in the spring.  You are holding on to that little kid you love that is taking their first steps into the Teen world.  Every step toward young adulthood will be amazing you.  You too will experience a host of many emotions.  The beauty of this age is they will become young adults at their own pace.  They come in all shapes and sizes during this time, as well as, energy levels, life experiences, and motivation.  Patience is the key.

We have a fabulous year planned for our TMS students.   They will get fit academically, socially, and physically.  I hope everyone enjoys the year and takes time to stop and smell the newly sharpened pencils and fresh notebook paper!

Ms. Trella Mott, Principal   

Tavares Middle School    


TMS hopes everyone enjoys the year and takes time to stop

and smell the newly sharpened pencils!